Q: Celebrant or Registrar? What’s the difference?

A: A Celebrant writes and delivers a bespoke wedding service. A Registrar provides the legal marriage.

Q: Is it a legal marriage?

A: In England, Celebrants cannot legally marry you. But we hope that will change some day.

Q: What will you allow in the ceremony?

A: Anything you want – as long as you don’t hurt me :)

Q: Where can we have the ceremony?

A: This is the beauty of using a Celebrant – you can have your service wherever and whenever you want! Well, as long as I am free of course!

Q: Do I need a Vicar or Priest too?

A: No, you don’t have to use a Vicar or Priest if you’d like to have a non-religious service.

Q: Where can we have the service?

A: You can have the service or memorial wherever you want as long as you have permission. But you will need to have a cremation or burial at some   point.

Q: How long will the service be?

A: Typically, a cremation service is about 30 minutes long, but if you want a service or memorial at home, or somewhere other than a public Crematorium, then the service can be as long as you want it to be.


Q: Can you visit me at home?

A: Oh yes. I always like to see families and couples at home, although I am happy to Skype for ease.

Q: Can I have a copy of the ceremony afterwards?

A: Yes of course!

Q: Can we talk about changes?

A: Absolutely. I’ll always allow for at least one revision of the ceremony whilst we’re refining it.

Q: Can you just help me to put something together?

A: I can. Happily. I’ll be the calm in the craziness and help you to put some structure into the ceremony you create, if you want me too.

Q: What about our dress code?

A: I love a bit of dress up. Just give me a little warning though please so I can make sure I do you proud.

Q: What about poetry and readings – have you any ideas?

A: I have some great resources, and I can help with music ideas too if you need them.

Q: Are you a Humanist?

A: No – I’m not. I am a totally independent, professional celebrant and anything you want in your service works for me. Hymns, poems, prayers or      even Christmas Carols. Whatever you want!

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