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If you contact me, I’ll contact you back because I’m polite. I’ll keep your details either in my little black notebook, or in an Excel sheet on my laptop. 


Once we have worked together, I’ll probably keep your details in my Excel spreadsheet so I can send you the occasional postcard or Christmas card. If we become good friends, I may even call you or email you to ask you to come over for tea 😊


Your data will stay with me. I won’t sell it or share it with anyone else unless you say I can. And I’ll ask you before I share any of your information. 


If you pay me for something, it will likely be cash, bank transfer or PayPal. Therefore, I won’t have any of your personal financial information myself, your bank or Paypal might, but they’ll take good care of it I’m sure. 


If you want to know anything about the information I have about you, please just ask and I’ll let you know. 




The only cookies I know anything about you can eat. I used WIX to create this website, if they use cookies, the information about how and where is on their website. I’ll happily find this out for you if you want me too. Please just ask.




This entire site is copyright of 3TM LIMITED, trading as Individually Yours. Images are copyright of their respective owners, the detail of which can be found on the With Thanks page under Image Rights.

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