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Saying Goodbye

Did you know that there isn’t anything you need to legally do, or say, at a funeral. The entire ceremony is in your hands, so that means you can be as creative as you like. Hymns, no hymns – singing – or if you’re related to my family, definitely no singing. Apart from the actual committal, the rest can be tailored to suit you. Totally.


Whilst we often cram into a small crematorium chapel or get lost in an enormous (freezing) church, not many of us realise that we could have such a personal goodbye. You could have a gathering at home or a favourite place (as long as we ask first). You can take as long as you like to reminisce, cry, laugh and share your goodbyes. You can have as many or as few guests as you like, and everyone can relax and say goodbye at a pace that suits you all. No-one else.


And afterwards, maybe even the next day, you can have a very small intimate service for the last goodbye.

Photo by Mathias Elle on Unsplash
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